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When you’re being charged with a crime, it’s important to have a criminal defense attorney that is experienced and can make sure your rights are not forgotten. At Carey & Lillevik, our criminal defense lawyers will not only provide you with the criminal defense you need, but will treat you like family throughout the process. Ann M. Carey and Linda Lillevik are well-versed and highly respected for their work in:

Leaders in Juvenile & Criminal Defense

The State of Washington recognizes Ms. Carey and Ms. Lillevik as leaders in their areas of practice. They have served on numerous statewide committees and as supervisors in their respective public defense firms. In 2005, they joined forces to fulfill a need in Seattle: to create a firm that is passionately committed to the representation of family members, parents, youth, and those that face accusations of misconduct.

Experienced Juvenile Lawyers & Divorce Attorneys

Carey & Lillevik has four attorneys with a combined experience of 57 years. This experience masters the breadth and nuance of the laws that pertain to children, families, and the accused. The firm’s clients benefit from the partners’ collective experience, knowledge, and extensive service to the public. Carey & Lillevik attorneys are noted and respected for their deep commitment to their clients. Because of this commitment, most clients come to us as referrals from other attorneys, which demonstrates the firm’s reputation for excellence.


Carey & Lillevik embraces a broad concept of family; they are experienced and involved with non-traditional families. Attorneys and staff are proud to create an environment that welcomes all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or socioeconomic status.

Serving the Greater Seattle, Washington Area

The Washington State Bar Association recognizes Carey & Lillevik as a firm that serves the community through pro bono legal work. Ann Carey serves on the Board of Directors for TeamChild, a nonprofit agency that provides free legal services for youth. Linda Lillevik serves on the advisory committee of the Center for Children and Youth Justice and on the Board of Directors for the Washington Defender Association. Carey & Lillevik attorneys have been involved in the following programs and organizations:

  • TeamChild
  • Governor’s Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee
  • Federal Advisory Committee to the Office of Juvenile
  • Justice and Delinquency Prevention
  • Washington State Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative
  • National Coalition for Juvenile Justice
  • Chicken Soup Brigade
  • Washington Women Lawyers
  • Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Center for Children and Youth Justice
  • Q-Law At-Risk Youth Project
  • Washington Protection and Advocacy System
  • King County Juvenile Drug Court
  • Family Treatment Court
  • Hearthstone
  • Washington Defender Association
  • Statewide Advisory Committee for Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth

Client Services

At Carey & Lillevik, our clients are our top priority. We treat all of our clients with respect and compassion. The small size of our firm and our team approach allows us to ensure that each client receives personalized attention from our attorneys. Our professional staff offers a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

We encourage our clients to take an active role in their cases. We listen to our clients and value their perspectives. We promptly respond to questions, concerns, and requests for information.

Our office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you require services outside of these hours, we can arrange our schedules to meet your needs.

Client Testimonials

“It looks like our family may be reunited for Christmas! We appreciate your help!”

“I think you did a fantastic job. Your closing arguments honed in on the fantastical nature of allegations…You were wonderful.”

“Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of our son. We are grateful for the outcome. We are singing your praises and referring our friends to your firm.”

“Thank you again for the legal services and, more importantly, the personal support you provided to [our daughter] as her advocate and representative earlier this year. As you know, we needed not only someone capable of providing sound legal advice, but also an attorney who could be a friend during a time that we found to be both confusing and threatening. You exceeded all expectations and I am extraordinarily grateful for all that you did.”

“It has been a pleasure for us to meet such a warm, caring attorney. You have done wonders for our son. I am sure you will always be held in high regard by our son, particularly as he grows up and realizes all you have done for him. No words can express how we feel. If not for you, he would live in an out-of-state group home now. Because of your work, we were able to meet and adopt him. We will keep in touch with photographs, so you can know how he is doing. We are immeasurably grateful.”

“Thank you for helping our family during this difficult time. Your kind manner, wealth of knowledge, and honesty was and is greatly appreciated.”

“You are so kind, caring, compassionate and CALM! I appreciate everything you did for us.”

“You have been very kind with your time to help the kids through this tough time. Thanks for all you have done.”

“Thank you for the great work you’ve been doing on behalf of our entire family. Your expertise and strong skill set in court and communicating with the judge accomplished our goal. I know that your work and comments were meaningful to the judge and truly did help us accomplish our goal of bringing our children back into our family.”

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